Hot Spring Scenic Area


    Hot Spring of the Yellow Mountains
The Hot Spring of the Yellow Mountains of nationwide fame was discovered and tapped more than a thousand years ago. Gushing forth from the foot of Purple Cloud Peak, it has never run dry during the most severe droughts nor overflooded during excessive rain. It is of a high-temperature carbonate type, with therapeutic effects for metabolic disorder, cardiovascular disease and malfunctions of digestive, nervous and motorial systems. Its clear waters remain at 42 all the year round and can be used for drinking and bathing. Baths and swimming pools have been built around the spring


  Thousand Feet Spring Waterfall
    Heavy rainfalls, steep peaks and sheer cliffs all help to from cataracts, springs, pools and streams in the Yellow Mountains. Baizhangquan (Thousand Feet Spring), Renzipu (Inverted-V Waterfall) and Jiulongpu (Nine Dragons Cataract) are well-known falls, while Mingxianquan (Ringing String Spring), Sandiequan (Three Folding Spring), and Lingxi Spring excel among the mountain springs. Then there are the famous Qinglongtan (Green Dragon Pool), Bailongtan (White Dragon Pool), Wulongtan (Black Dragon Pool), Laolongtan (Old Dragon Pool), Feicuichi (Jadeite Pool) and Taohuaxi (Peach Blossom Stream). After rain the mountain is particularly alive with gurgling streams, freshets and thunderous falls.